The following are the most commonly calibrated optical objects:

  • Calibration filters for inspection of an opacimeter,
  • Devices for measuring light transmission,
  • Calibration headlamp (device for inspection of a regloscope).

The method of measuring spectral coefficient of transmission that is used for calibrating a filter for an opacimeter, is a measuring method according to the geometry definition of 0°/0°. This means that calibration is made by reproducing the unit of spectral transmission coefficient using the calibration method which, according to the definition, provides a spectral transmission coefficient. The results of the measurement are weighted in relation to the curve V(λ), and the final calibration result obtained is expressed as the value of light transmission.

Direct method of measuring illumination by means of a lux meter on the screen is conducted in accordance with the conditions laid down in the documents UNECE R20 and UNECE R98 and requirements from the Rulebook on Regloscopes.

A corresponding Calibration Certificate, containing uncertainty of measurement, is issued for all calibration procedures.

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